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Because we are a 100% buyer-focused, we offer our buyers services that you will not find with most other real estate agents.  Although the world of real estate has dramatically changed, most real estate agents offer buyers the same basic services they have been offering for decades. That’s not us.

We know that Ocean City area home buyers can look at properties on any number of portal and broker Web Sites. Often the information is similar, if not identical.  

With vast amounts of local real estate information so easily accessible, we dedicate significant energy and time in helping our buyer-clients make sense of it all so they may take full advantage of the value of that information.  In short, we help our clients translate information into knowledge, and knowledge into power.

We work for you, and only you. We owe nothing to the Seller, except for fair-dealing. We’re not about convincing our buyer-clients to buy something. We have no incentive whatsoever to have you purchase any particular property simply to earn a commission. 

For traditional real estate agents, "listing" a property and ideally, selling the same property (often called “double-ending” in the industry) is the jackpot.

That's not us. We do not follow the pack. We have no incentive to see you purchase "our listing" or a more expensive property "listed in-house" by our firm simply to earn us an even larger commission.

Traditional real estate firms often feature agent Sales Teams whose primary mission is generating listings. Buyer agents and Marketing Coordinators are brought on-board – often as an afterthought -- to “service buyer-leads" the listing team generates.

Our business model is quite different. Since we are 100% buyer-focused, we operate 100% of our time as a “Buyer Team.” This enables us to focus all of our resources, experience and energy on serving you, the buyer.

Earning and keeping your trust is of utmost importance to us. As you are not simply our "customer," but our "client," we are here to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the homes or condos you look at in the Ocean City area real estate market.

"No B.S."

Our only goal is to protect you, and if that means telling you that a particular property may not be the best match for your needs, that's what we will do.

In summary, we are good agents with smart people who do their jobs extremely well. Our philosophy is to invest in honest buyer-client satisfaction, and we feel that yields a very good return.  It is pretty simple, and it certainly is not magical in any way — but it works.



So how do we get paid?

We keep it simple. The Sellers pay our fees. The traditional commission paid is offered by the Seller. No Retainer Fee is required. No "service fee" or "junk fee" surprises at closing. Period.

You receive full service. That is, we will assist you in evaluating properties, preparing offers, and assistance in negotiating in your best interests.

These services include our full menu of consultations, assistance with lender selection and mortgage pre-approval, property searches and evaluations, property screenings and drive-by’s, home tours, offer generation and negotiation strategy, in short– the complete menu all the way thru closing. 

The full details are contained in our written Buyer Agency Agreement.

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