HomeBuyerPower® Was Founded By A Licensed Real Estate Broker And Real Estate Attorney With Over 3 Decades Of Experience Representing Home And Condominium Buyers In The Ocean City Maryland Coastal Area


As an attorney and legal advisor I’ve worked with buyers, sellers and lenders and handled substantial numbers of residential home and condominium purchase transactions on behalf of clients.  While this has been a great experience, I am struck by an issue that often seems to be the proverbial “800 pound gorilla in the room” with purchase transactions:

Many real estate agents have a serious conflict of interest.

No matter how you dress it up, whether with labels like “dual agency” or "intra-company agent," the business model of the traditional real estate office is primarily focused on making it easier for salespeople to list and sell homes.

But should making it easier for agents to sell homes be the top priority for home buyers?

No way.

Since buying a home is probably the biggest, most expensive acquisition most home buyer’s ever make, the top priority should be for purchaser’s to have solid buyer-agent representation by someone with unmatched trust and honesty who is on their side.

Home buyers need to feel represented, not pressured.

As a lawyer I have always provided independent, trusted, unbiased representation. That is what lawyer's are trained and ethically bound to do.

Home buyers deserve similar representation from their agents.

Enter HomeBuyerPower®, which I founded in 1998 to fill this gap providing independent, trusted, unbiased “client level” real estate agent services exclusively to home buyers.

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